Insights about Taxes for Economic Benefits

taxThe presence of taxes in various economic goods or items provides several benefits to the general current state of a country. There are various groups and sectors that have been formed to work out on these issues. Most of them aim to respond to the problems encountered by the country most probably about their economic condition.

One of them is Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) which has been consisted of charities, pressure groups, and think tanks throughout a political spectrum. It previously joined forces to be able to resolve the seriousness of its present economic status. CEJ proposed the LTV (Land Value Tax) introduction to prevent the current taxes on labor and enterprise to stop economic crises in the future and to alleviate the present one.

LVT is also called as the Location Benefit Tax. This site includes the information about these cases of taxes that correspond to particular aspects in economic crisis. Coalition for Economic Justice works on its strategic aims to gradually make better changes in the economic state of the country. It is quite difficult to resolve such problems or issues if there are no goals set by a particular institution.

Taxes are now present in almost all goods and items found in the market. Most individuals are paying for taxes through the products they purchase. Even the smallest items may have additional prices because of the presence of taxation. In fact, even if you purchased an item for your dog pet such as invisible fence collars, you will learn that products like these have corresponding taxes.

You know that these electronic dog doors are highly essential for your dog. Thus, you still have to purchase it even if you know that there is a tax associated with it. In most cases, dog owners usually prepare sufficient budget for these items to ensure that they can always afford to buy on that has the type and quality they wanted. For this reason, both you and the government benefit from that particular action you had done.

Coalition for Economic Justice strives to work on the development of the annual LVT understanding through pragmatic and moral reasoning according to the sound principle. Thus, it will obtain recognition for the collection of economic rent of natural and land resources as the key to discuss the present economic system problems.

Its action plan is comprised of 4 goals that will serve as the path to reach success in implementing their proposal for the economic growth and development of the country. In fact, there are other relevant resources to be able to determine the central function and role of CEJ.

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Pet owners who are looking for pet supplies can rely on Innotek as a reliable resource. Buyers of pet products are advised to be in great dismay in case extra cost is being charged in the products that they are purchasing. You have to take note that the existence of taxes and charges on several commodities entail economic benefits. To be able to gain a clear understanding about this aspect, you can check out coalitionforeconomicjustice.com. Insights and important details and explanations about taxes and its economic benefits are further discussed here.

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A Long-Term Solution to Repetitive Economic Crises

The Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) consists of a number of think tanks, charities and pressure groups across the political spectrum, who recently joined forces in response to the seriousness of the current economic situation.

We propose the introduction of an annual Land Value Tax (LVT) (also known as a Location Benefit Tax) to reduce existing taxes on enterprise and labour in order to prevent future economic crises and alleviate the current one.

The case for Land Value Tax

Every economic crisis in living memory has been preceded by an unsustainable and speculative rise in property values, commercial/industrial as well as residential. The link between property values and bank and building society lending is strong and causal. Excessive lending fuels property prices.

The rise in property prices is in fact a rise in the land element of the price, since the cost of building materials, and builders’ wages, has risen hardly at all. An annual tax on the rental value of land would exert a restraining influence on property values and give some control over this key determinant of economic stability.  Such a tax would also cut the ground from under excessive and imprudent bank lending and remove much of the speculation in land.  With LVT introduced to reduce taxes on enterprise and labour, an overall tax increase is not required.

In the present market economy the justification for a rise in prices is that it brings forth increased supply. As the land supply is fixed there can be no such increase. As economists from Adam Smith onwards have recognised, land is a monopoly. Rising property prices therefore serve no useful economic purpose. As such, they are the natural and obvious target for taxation. The LVT thus collected on an annual basis would help to reduce those taxes, many of which are unpopular (e.g., council tax and stamp duty) as well as income tax, national insurance and business rates which directly discourage production.

LVT is a progressive tax falling most heavily where the benefit to the community is greatest and most lightly where the benefit is least. As the tax is based on permitted land use – not on current use (or non-use) value – LVT will penalise those who hold land out of use. It will therefore encourage land use and stimulate economic activity. With LVT introduced, there will be little or no incentive to speculate in land and hence property.  Much of the credit which currently supports land (property) values would no longer be needed and would be available to finance the production of goods and services.  LVT is easy and cheap to collect and difficult, indeed virtually impossible, to avoid.

In our view the economic case for the introduction of LVT is a very strong one. So, indeed, is the ethical case. Since the community has created the enhanced land value it is only right that the Government (through an annual LVT) appropriate it for uses, e.g., infrastructure and local services, that benefit the whole community. We recognise, however, that the political basis for taking this forward, while feasible, requires deeper consideration. Within our member organisations (most of which are listed in the left hand column of this web page) there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise on this matter.

Our Mission

“To campaign for the sharing of the rental value of natural resources, including land, as the most effective way of removing the injustice caused by the private appropriation of community-created wealth.”

Strategic Aims of the Coalition for Economic Justice:

1. We seek to influence politicians and policy makers by establishing contacts, meeting with parliamentarians, political parties and government officials, lobbying and holding events;
2. We seek to influence the wider public through work with opinion formers and the media and  by appealing to peoples’ innate sense of justice;
3. We seek to engage and collaborate with a wide range of organisations with similar or compatible aims, particularly (but not exclusively) with those seeking money reform, linking the public collection of the community-created value of economic rent with the need for a just and sustainable economy; and
4. We seek to work with academics, think-tanks and the range of educational institutions to influence both the understanding of economic rent and the development of academic courses and to encourage the involvement of students”

By means of moral and pragmatic reasoning, based on sound principle, the CEJ is working to develop an understanding of annual land value taxation – thereby obtaining recognition that the collection of the economic rent of land and natural resources is a key measure needed to tackle the current dysfunctional economic system.

The CEJ is working through an Action Plan that supports the four aims listed above.

There are numerous articles and resources that are available from this website.  Please browse the site for articles of interest.

Should you wish to discover more about the work of the CEJ, or would like get involved, please contact one of the individuals whose details are listed in the column on the left of this web page.